Tuition and Financial Support

The Theory Centre aims to provide every qualified student offered admission to the program with sufficient financial resources to accept their offer. 

Full-time students in Theory and Criticism receive a guaranteed minimum financial support package -- funding is awarded automatically and no application is required. This support package may consist of a combination of a Graduate Research Scholarship and a Graduate Teaching Assistantship. The package is designed to cover a substantial portion of a student's expenses for the eligible period of funding, and may be adjusted based on external awards and overall levels of student support.

Master's students are eligible for financial support for the first six terms (two years) of full-time registration. Qualified students are provided with a minimum funding guarantee of $33,000 over two years and up to $51,000 over two years including external scholarships.

Doctoral students are eligible for financial support for the first twelve terms (four years) of full-time registration. The Centre for Theory and Criticism provides all full-time PhD students a minimum funding guarantee of $80,000 over four years, and up to $170,000 over four years including external scholarships.

In addition to these sources of university support, students are encouraged to apply to external funding sources. During their period of fundabilty, students must apply for external awards (OGS, SSHRC) for which they are eligible. The program awards each student holding an external scholarship with a Centre Excellence Award of $6,000 - $7,500 per year.

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The most recent tuition fees are listed below. For more information about tuition and fees for domestic and international graduate students at Western, click here.

Summer 2017
Domestic: 2,305.00 (2630.43 incl. ancillary fees)
International: 5,833.67 (6536.76 incl. ancillary fees)

Winter 2017
Domestic: 2,305.00 (2,629.68 incl. ancillary fees)
International: 5,833.67 (6,362.35 incl. ancillary fees)

Fall 2016
Domestic: 2,305.00 (3,157.20 incl. ancillary fees)
International: 5,833.67 (6,889.87 incl. ancillary fees)