Speaker Series

Dr. Jodi A. Byrd (University of Illinois) "Playing Stories: Never Alone, Indigeneity, and the Structures of Settler Colonialism.” Monday, November 20th. 


The Theory Sessions

Friday, October 20th, Jake Norris on “A Fall to the Depths: Schizophrenic Language and Hysteric Art in Deleuze’s Logic of Sensation

Conferences and Media

The fourth issue of CHIASMA is here!

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Featured Research


Core faculty and graduate students conduct research across a wide range of disciplines and topic matters--view a snap-shot of some of the most recent projects associated with Theory and Criticism


Recent Dissertations and Theses

Kathryn M. Lawson, The Tapestry of Memory, Master of Arts.

Jeffrey M. Ray, The Ontological-Ontic Character of Mythology, Master of Arts. 

Thomas M. Szwedska, Autos, Allos, and World: Life and Identity in the Situation of Contemporary Global Modernity, Master of Arts.

Christopher Coughlin, Tracing the Interstice: Godard, Deleuze, and The Future of Cinema, Master of Arts.

Faculty Bookshelf