Med Sci 1 FAQs

What courses and marks do I need to get into Med Sci 2?

Only Med Sci 1 students may progress to Med Sci 2 by satisfying the conditions laid out in the Academic Calendar. The conditions are as follows:

  • Minimum marks of 60% are required in the first attempt at each half course in biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics (if physics is taken in Med Sci 1).
  • A full load of 5.0 courses must be taken during the Fall/Winter of Med Sci 1.
    • Note: Summer/AP credits do not count towards your Fall/Winter course load.
  • You cannot fail any courses, but there is no minimum average requirement.

Can I progress to Med Sci 2 with a mark between 50-59% in one of my first-year biology/chemistry/math/physics half courses? Can I still apply to Year 3 BMSc?

No, you need 60% in each half course to progress to Med Sci 2 but don't panic! You will likely be placed in Science (BSc degree) for second year and can upgrade your mark in the summer or in Year 2 and apply to Year 3 BMSc via the competitive pool. Please note the following:

  • If you have the prerequisites you can take all the 2000-level Admission Requirements for your desired BMSc module while upgrading your first-year course.
  • You may need special permission from the departments for courses lacking prerequisites.
    • Note: You can progress with a 50-59% in your elective course.

If I fail a course (<50%) in first year, can I progress to Med Sci 2?

No, if you fail any course in Med Sci 1, you cannot progress to Med Sci 2. You can still apply through the competitive pool for Year 3 BMSc and will be placed in Year 2 Science

I was admitted to Med Sci 2 but failed (<50%) a summer course, am I still eligible?

No, if you fail any summer course (even a 2000 level) you are no longer eligible. You can still apply through the competitive pool for Year 3 BMSc and will likely be placed in Science.

Note: Please review Year 3 BMSc admission requirements if you choose to take a 2000 level admission requirement in the summer after the first year.

When should I repeat my first year Math/Physics/Chem/Bio course if I failed (<50%)?

Math: Can be repeated in the summer after Year 1 or in Year 2. Math is a prerequisite for Bio/Stats 2244A/B which is a 2000-level admission requirement for most BMSc modules

Physics: Can be repeated in the summer, Year 2, or even in the summer prior to Year 3 for most modules, however, students interested in Medical Biophysics (clinical concentration) will need to repeat physics the summer after the first year.

Biology/Chemistry: Should be repeated the summer after Year 1 so you have the prerequisite to take the 2000-level Biology and Chemistry BMSc admission requirements.

Note: Repeating in Year 2 may mean you can't use that year towards Med School and may mean that you need an extra year to complete your degree. Contact academic counselling if you have concerns about repeating courses.

When should I upgrade Year 1 Math/Physics/Chem/Bio if I received b/w 50-59%?

Math/Physics/Chemistry: Can be upgraded in the summer between Year 1 and 2, in Year 2, or even in the summer prior to Year 3 for most modules. Please review the 2000 level admission requirement courses needed to apply to your desired module as some courses may have a prerequisite grade requirement (i.e. 2000 level physics courses for Medical Biophysics).

Biology: Should be upgraded the summer after Year 1 so you that you have the prerequisite to take the 2000-level Biology admission requirements for Year 3 BMSc or a BSc module.

Can I drop a first term course and overload second term to keep a 5.0 course load?

It is uncommon and assessed on a case by case basis. We will wait to see your first term final grades in December before considering (no failures and an 80% average on 4 courses).

What first year math should I take?

Math requirements can be found on the Medical Science First Entry page on the Academic Calendar and include at least 0.5 from one of the following: Calculus 1000A/B or Calculus 1500A/B along with 0.5 from one of the following: Applied Math 1201A/B, Calculus 1301A/B, Calculus 1501A/B or Math 1600A/B.

Note: Please refer to the admission requirements listed on the academic calendar as some modules will list specific math courses you must complete (i.e. Calculus 1000A and Calculus 1301B).

How do I register for Med Sci 2?

Med Sci 1 students submit their ITR for Med Sci 2; module selection occurs in Year 3.

Note: Neuroscience is not part of the BMSc program and does begin in second year. If Neuroscience is your first choice you will need to indicate so on your ITR in first year.

I have an IB /AP credit for first-year Biology/Chemistry/Math/Physics. Will this be used in place of the Western half courses which require a minimum mark of 60%?

Yes, provided you don't repeat the first-year course at Western for which you were granted a transfer credit, your AP/ IB credit counts towards progression to Med Sci 2. If, however, you choose to repeat the course at Western, you must achieve 60% at Western.

  • Note: Remember you still require a full 5.0 course load during the Fall/Winter term.