Admission to Year 3 BMSc via the Competitive Pool

Admission to Year 3 BMSc is assured for Med Sci 2 students who satisfy module admission requirements and satisfy the conditions outlined in Admission to the (BMSc) Program. It is unlikely Med Sci 2 students will fill the ~500 spots, leaving spots available for non-Med Sci 2 students and Med Sci 2 students who did not satisfy requirements by April. These conditions must be satisfied prior to Year 3 for competitive pool consideration:

  • A maximum of one 0.5 2000-level Admission Requirement (for the module to which you are applying) can be repeated; the average of the two attempts will be used in the calculation of your average.
  • Must have 60% in each of the first-year courses in Biology/Chem/Math/Physics.
  • Must have a minimum 75% average in your 3 best required second-year course attempts (the minimum does not guarantee entrance).
    • Even if spots remain open, averages under 75% will not be considered.
  • Must have a minimum of 8.0 completed courses (this means it is not required to take 5.0 courses in year 2 if applying via the competitive pool).
  • No failures allowed during Year 2 or the summer immediately following Year 2.
    • Note: Failures during Year 1 or the summer after Year 1 may still apply.

Priority for module selection will be given to Med Sci 2 students given assured admission. Students taking a summer course who satisfy all other conditions may be admitted conditionally pending the final grade in the summer course. If you are admitted to a BMSc module you did not request do not panic! Your goal is to be admitted to BMSc, and you can plan Year 3 according to the module you wish to be in. Entrance to Year 4 BMSc modules is based on the Weighted Average Chart. No priority for Year 4 modules is given to students who were admitted to that particular module in Year 3.