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The Faculty of Arts and Humanities has a long and proud tradition of academic excellence. We rank consistently as one of the top Faculties in the Arts in Canada. Our nine departments and programs bring together over 150 full-time Professors, many of whom hold teaching and research awards on the local and international stages.

Research Spotlight:

The Family Camera | Royal Ontario Museum

Exploring the relationship between photography and the idea of family, The Family Camera looks at family photographs as a cultural practice through the lens of migration. It considers the social, political, and technological influences that impact how we conceptualize and represent family. Cultural shifts, such as same sex marriage and transnational adoptions enhance our notion of family, while the arrival of Polaroid cameras, smart phones, and the digital age have transformed the moments we capture and how we share them. With nearly every photograph featured in this exhibition coming from a Canadian home, The Family Camera sheds light on how family photos reflect and shape our sense of self, family, community, and nation.

Curated by Deepali Dewan, Jennifer Orpana (PhD'16, Visual Arts), Thy Phu (English and Writing Studies), Julie Crooks, and Sarah Bassnett (Visual Arts).
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Graham and Gale Wright Awards

Erica Lawson (Women's Studies and Feminist Research) and Wayne Myrvold (Philosophy) have been awarded the 2017 Graham and Gale Wright Awards. This Faculty-based award recognizes their significant contributions as internationally recognized researchers.

1967: Canada Welcomes the World

06-burucua.jpgA new documentary project focused on the national pavilions of the sixty countries that participated in Montreal's 1967 World Exhibition by Prof. Constanza Burucúa (Modern Languages & Literatures) will soon be exhibited in multiple locations in conjunction with Canada 150. Read the full article

Phu named to Royal Society of Canada

By  Jason WindersWestern News, September 01, 2016

Charles Weijer, Philosophy was named Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada and Thy Phu, English & Writing Studies, was named to the RSC College of New Scholars, Artists & Scientists.

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David Huebert wins 2016 Walrus Poetry Prize

CBC Books, December 06, 2016

David Huebert, a Ph.D. candidate in English and Writing Studies has won the 2016 Walrus Poetry Prize for his poem "Colloquium: J.T. Henry and Lady Simcoe on Early Ontario Petrocolonialism." The prize, now in its fifth year, comes with a $4,000 purse.

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Indian-Canadian scholar on stereotypes, power and Slumdog Millionaire

nandi bhatiaNandi Bhatia, (English & Writing and Associate Dean Research) recently presented the 10th Edward Baugh Distinguished Lecture at the University of the West Indies in Mona, Jamaica.  Bhatia, a leading scholar of postcolonial theatre, presented " Dramatic Contests and Colonial Contexts on the Indian Stage.”Bhatia i s the author of 2010’s  Performing Woman/Performing Womanhood: Theatre, Politics and Dissent in North India (Oxford University Press) and  Acts of Authority/Acts of Resistance: Theatre and Politics in Colonial and Postcolonial India, released by University of Michigan Press in 2004. Her third book –  Local Themes, Transnational Concerns:Theatres of the South Asian Diaspora in Canada, is a work in progress.  Read the full article

Visiting Scholars

kalpana raoThe Faculty continues to maintain a robust culture of internationalization through visiting scholars. In Winter 2016,  Paulette Ramsay (University of West Indies) visited the Department of Modern Languages under the Canada-CARICOM Leadership Scholarships Program. From September 15-October 15, the Department of English and Writing Studies is hosting  Dr. Kalpana Rao (University of Pondicherry) as a Visiting Fellow under the Lal Bahadur Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute’s Faculty Mobility Grant.

Governor General taps trio for top PhD honours

By  Adela TalbotWestern News, October 26, 2016

Yanxiang Wu, PhD Comparative Literature is one of three Western students to be awarded the 2016 Governor General Gold Medal award.

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Kelly Olson explores brothels of Pompeii with David Suzuki

CBC , October 05, 2016

Kelly Olson from WesternU Classics explores brothels of Pompeii with David Suzuki on The Nature of Things airing October 6, 2016.  Read the full article

Study explores role of Jewish women on homefront

By  Paul MayneWestern News, August 29, 2016

Women’s Studies and Feminist Research PhD student Jennifer Shaw Lander is collecting and analyzing oral histories of Canadian Jewish women who were active on the home front or were girls during the war.  Read the full article

Southwestern Ontarians do talk differently

By  Dale CarruthersLondon Free Press, August 22, 2016

Michael Iannozzi, a linguist at Western University says the region has a dialect unlike anywhere else in Ontario, and he’s hitting the road — recording device in hand — to gather the proof.  Read the full article


Treating with emotions: The 'passion theory' of anorexia

By  James PurtillAustralian Broadcasting Corporation, July 23, 2016

Rotman philosopher shares views about disorders and addictions being treated as passions.  Read the full article


Looking for a curator of the human species

Modern Languages and Literatures professor Juan Luis Suárez and Biology professor Kathleen Hill discuss CRISPR technology and editing of the human germline genome.  Read the full article

PhD candidate leverages research to create path

Jason Winders, Western News, February 4, 2016

saskaWomen’s Studies and Feminist Research PhD candidate Sarah Saska looks at how innovation can be leveraged to advance women’s rights and gender equality. She is grateful to have a “rock star” supervisor in Bipasha Baruah, Canada Research Chair in Global Women’s Issues.

New chair embraces ‘meeting of minds’

By  Adela TalbotWestern News, January 13, 2016

Tim Bayne is the new chair of the Philosophy of Neuroscience at Western, a post he officially took up in November.  Read the full article

Exploring our social response to Paris attacks

By  Juan Luis SuarezWestern News, December 03, 2015

CulturePlex Lab shows history may remember Paris attacks by one tweet from One Direction.  Read the full article

Professor plugs into what it means to game

Jonathan Boulter, English and Writing Studies, has found a place among the first wave of video game culture academic researchers. This month, he released his first book on the subject.  Read more

Vanier celebrates nation’s finest graduate students

Mayme Lefurgey, Women’s Studies & Feminist Research and Transitional Justice & Post-Conflict Reconstruction, was named among four Western PhD candidates to receive the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship.  Read the full article 

Kelly Jazvac: Interview with Artslant

jazvacIn this episode of "working (it) out" the Artslant podcast, Studio Faculty member Kelly Jazvac discusses Plastiglomerates, and her recent presentation to Paleobiologists at the Smithsonian Institute. Read the full article



Student unearths footprint from antiquity

By  Jason Winders, June 30, 2015

Classical Studies student Melanie Benard joined Western’s Field School at Vindolanda to take a step or two into the past. But what she unearthed last week during the archaeological dig set her back on her heels.

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Cultureplex measures beauty in art using 'big data'

June 29, 2015

A recent study by Western's Cultreplex Lab, published in  International Journal for Digital Art History, concludes that the representation of facial beauty has varied over time and that these variations can be measured and tracked throughout the history of painting.

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Inside the mind of Murder City

By  Vanessa BrownLondon Fuse, June 18, 2015

Michael Arntfield, English and Writing Studies, wrote the book on London's sordid past with serial killers. Find out why he studies cold cases and how this was kept quiet for so long.

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Western Philosophers listed among most cited worldwide

By  Leiter Reports: A Philosophy Blog, May 28, 2015

Charles Weijer and Stathis Psillos from the Rotman Institute of Philosophy are listed among the top 85 most-cited living philosophers worldwide, according to the popular philosophy blog The Leiter Reports.

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Rotman Institute of Philosophy shares BIG IDEAS

May 07, 2015

In this special edition of Western News, members of the Rotman Institute of Philosophy offer up their BIG IDEAS on the questions you’ll be facing tomorrow – and beyond.

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Bentley wins Killam Prize

April 14, 2015

Western University's David Bentley – a nationally acclaimed teacher from the Department of English & Writing Studies and a leading scholar of Canadian poetry – is a 2015 Killam Prize winner.

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Conway named 2015 Faculty Scholar

By  Western NewsJason Winders, March 16, 2015

Alison Conway, English, has been named one of 12 Western Faculty Scholars this year.The recipients are considered all-around scholars and will hold the title of Faculty Scholar for two years and receive $7,000 each year for scholarly activities. 

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Canadian researcher discovers Roman history hiding in plain sight

By  Marc Montgomery, CBC Radio, February 02, 2015

Elizabeth M Greene, assistant professor, Roman Archeology, Department of Classical Studies, Western University, has been studying the role of women in ancient Rome, and it army. While in a museum studying plaster casts of the various scenes depicted on the column, she noticed something that seems obvious, but somehow has somehow escaped “legions” of scholars for so many decades.

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