Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

Western Research, on behalf of the Vice-President (Research), invites applications from all eligible individuals for Western’s Postdoctoral Fellowships Program. This program administered by Western Research.

Western’s Postdoctoral Fellowships Program provides funding to the very best postdoctoral applicants, nationally and internationally, who will contribute positively to research excellence at the university and help advance Western's strategic research plan.

The Postdoctoral Fellowships Program’s objectives are to:

  • Attract top-tier postdoctoral talent, nationally and internationally;
  • Develop their leadership potential; and
  • Position them for success as tomorrow’s research leaders.

Please note: the deadline for this competition has been extended two weeks and applications are now due on February 8, 2019 at 14:00 (Eastern).

  • Guidelines
  • Application Form
  • Sample Reference Form This form is a sample that can be provided to referees to help them prepare their reference letters. A representative from Western Research will reach out directly to people listed as references and collect both this form and their letters (applicants do not need to include reference forms or reference letters when submitting their application materials).

Value and Allocation

Up to 10 Fellowships are available on an annual basis. Each award will be worth a minimum of $40,000 per year for a duration of two years (non-renewable).

  • Matching requirement: A minimum 1:1 funding match is required.
    • $20,000 + Benefits is provided through the Vice-President (Research); and
    • A minimum of $20,000 + Benefits must be committed by another source (e.g., grant money from a supervisor, industry funding, departmental or faculty-level support, etc.). Note: As this funding is intended to allow recipients to conduct research-intensive projects, remuneration for teaching (or teaching assistance) cannot be included as a component of the $20,000 match.
  • Allocation:
    • Up to five fellowships are available to postdoctoral scholars whose primary supervisor is affiliated with a Social Sciences and Humanities faculty (Arts & Humanities, Education, Information & Media Studies, Law, Music, Ivey Business School, Health Sciences and Social Science);
    • Up to five fellowships are available to postdoctoral fellows whose primary supervisor is affiliated with a STEM faculty (Engineering, Health Sciences, Science, Schulich Medicine & Dentistry); and
    • At least one of the fellowships awarded will be reserved for outstanding individuals who will undertake high-quality research that has the potential of advancing excellence in Indigenous research (as outlined in Western’s Indigenous Strategic Plan: Goal 4 – Achieve Excellence in Indigenous Research & Scholarship).


  • The applicant’s PhD must have been granted (official convocation/graduation date) after August 31, 2015 and before the starting date of the Postdoctoral Fellowship.
  • People who received their PhD before August 31, 2015 and who have experienced circumstances that have affected their research projects, professional career, or academic achievement since receiving their PhD are also eligible to apply. Such applicants will have to provide additional details outlining the nature and dates of these circumstances.
    • Relevant circumstances may include: parental leave, child-rearing, illness, disability, cultural or community responsibilities, socioeconomic context, or health-related family responsibilities.
  • People who received their PhD from Western University are not eligible to apply. (If they received an undergraduate and/or Master’s degree from Western and their PhD from another institution, they are eligible to apply.)
  • People who currently hold a postdoctoral position at Western or have previously held a postdoctoral position at Western are not eligible to apply.
  • All PhD requirements must have been met by the start date of the award.
  • Applicants cannot currently hold a permanent faculty position, or a faculty position leading to permanency.
  • Successful applicants cannot hold a postdoctoral position at another institution for the duration of this award. Applicants holding postdoctoral positons at another institution, if successful, will be expected to have formally ended such affiliations before the start date of this award.
  • Applicants must secure written commitment of a qualified faculty member at Western who has the expertise, experience, and capacity to act as the Principal Supervisor of the Postdoctoral Scholar and their proposed project (see instructions for the “Supervisor’s Statement” attachment on the application form). Supervisors must also hold a research-eligible position at Western.
  • Applicants who are not Canadian citizens will be required to secure all necessary permits, visas, or documentation required by all relevant jurisdictions. More information can be found on Western’s School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies’ website.


All applications require:

    1. The Principal Supervisor (in consultation with the applicant) to submit a Western University ROLA proposal that is:
      • Complete (i.e., all relevant fields are populated including the fields for identifying the source of the required matching funds);
      • Consistent with the application form; and
      • Approved by all relevant parties through the ROLA proposal system.
    2. The applicant (in consultation with the Principal Supervisor) is to submit (by email) a Postdoctoral Fellowships Program application form that is:
      • Complete;
      • Consistent with the ROLA proposal; and,
      • Signed by those parties indicated on the signature page.

Western Research, in consultation with an Associate Vice-President (Research), reserves the right to exclude from competition any submissions that are incomplete or inconsistent. Excluded applications will not be presented to reviewers for consideration.


For more information please contact Goretti Fordyce, Contracts Officer, International (519-661-2111 ext. 80180)