Helen Fielding


Associate Professor
Joint Appointment with Department of Women's Studies and Feminist Research

Twentieth-Century Continental Philosophy, Feminist Philosophy, Phenomenology
MA Carleton; MA, PhD York

Phone: 519-661-2111 ext. 85752
Office: Lawson Hall Room 3256
E-mail: hfieldin@uwo.ca 

My expertise is in Twentieth Century Continental Philosophy, in particular feminist phenomenology, Merleau-Ponty, perception and phenomenological aesthetics.

I'm happy to serve on committees in the areas of feminist philosophy more broadly construed, ethics (in particular from a continental philosophy perspective or drawing to some extent on insights from that tradition), or any area of phenomenology. I'm also happy to serve on a committee that draws in some ways on my areas of expertise even if it is focused in another area such as philosophy of mind.

Recent Publications

Helen Fielding, "Cultivating Perception: Phenomenological Encounters with Artworks”, SignsSymposium on "Politics of the Sensing Subject: Gender, Perception, Art," Anne Keefe (ed). 40.2 (2015):  280-289. Invited and refereed.

Helen Fielding, “Filming Dance: Embodied Syntax in Sasha Waltz’s ‘S’, Paragraph (Special Issue on ‘Screening Embodiment’) 38.1 (2015); 69-85.  Invited and refereed.

Christina Schües, Dorothea Olkowski and Helen Fielding (eds.), Time in Feminist Phenomenology, Indiana University Press, 2011.