Lorne Falkenstein



 Eighteenth Century Philosophy
 BA University of Regina; MA, Ph.D. Toronto

 Phone: 519-661-2111 ext. 85774
 Office: Stevenson Hall, Room 3141
 E-mail: lfalkens@uwo.ca 
 Website: publish.uwo.ca/~lfalkens

My research interests are in early modern philosophy with an emphasis on 18th-century British philosophy and on issues of spatial perception and mental representation throughout the history of philosophy.  I have been developing an interest in the history of the free will debate culminating in Reid and Priestley, and in Hume and Reid on justice and moral motivation.

I am happy to supervise any topic related to the above statement of research interests.

Recent Publications 

"Dualism and the Experimentum Crucis.”  Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 93 (2016): 212-217

"Reid’s Account of the Geometry of Visibles: Some Lessons from Helmholtz,” Topoi 35 (2016): 485-510

"Hume on the Idea of a Vacuum,” Hume Studies 39 (2013): 131-168.  (Appeared in Spring of 2015)

“Reid’s response to Hume’s perceptual relativity argument,” Canadian Journal of Philosophy 41 Supplement 1: New Essays on Reid (2014): 25-49.

Berkeley on Situation and Inversion” in Patricia Easton and Kurt Smith (ed) The Battle of the Gods and Giants Redux: Essays in honor of Thomas M. Lennon (Leiden: Brill, 2015), 300-323