Corey Dyck


Kant, History of German Philosophy
BA University of British Columbia; MA Catholic University of Leuven; Ph.D. Boston College

Phone: 519-661-2111 ext. 85749
Office: Stevenson Hall, Room 4138

I specialize in the history of German philosophy, with an emphasis on the eighteenth century. My recent research has focused on issues in metaphysics and the philosophy of mind in the period from Leibniz to Kant. Currently, I am working on a monograph (entitled The First Fifty Years of German Philosophy) that will consider the history of German philosophy beginning with the publication of Wolff's German Metaphysics in 1720 through to Kant's Inaugural Dissertation of 1770. 
I regularly teach graduate courses on all aspects of Kant's philosophy, and on contemporary appropriations of Kant's thought (particularly in epistemology and philosophy of mind), and am interested in supervising graduate students who work in any area of the history of German thought (classical and contemporary). 

Recent Publications

Women and Philosophy in Eighteenth-Century Germany, edited with an introduction by Corey W. Dyck (forthcoming, Oxford UP)

Early Modern German Philosophy (1690-1750), edited and translated, with an introduction by Corey W. Dyck (forthcoming, Oxford UP) 

Kant and his German Contemporaries, edited with an introduction by Corey W. Dyck & Falk Wunderlich (Cambridge UP, 2018)