David Bourget


Associate Professor
Director, Centre for Digital Philosophy

Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Language
BSc Laval; PhD ANU

Phone: 519-661-2111 ext. 87770
Office: Stevenson Hall, Room 3142
E-mail: dbourget@uwo.ca
Website: dbourget.com

I have two main research interests: consciousness and computing in philosophy. The main aim of my work on consciousness is to characterize its general features (for example, is it a kind of propositional representation?) with a view to facilitating a scientific explanation. My computing-related work mainly focuses on PhilPapers.org and related services that I maintain and develop at the Centre for Digital Philosophy. These days I am particularly interested in developing new types of services and investigating new forms of computing-centric inquiries that can help us better understand philosophical debates. 

I am happy to supervise graduate students working on consciousness or digital philosophy. The Centre for Digital Philosophy has independent funding to help students in the latter area.

Recent Publications

Bourget, David. "The Role of Consciousness in Grasping and Understanding". Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 91.1 (2015)

Bourget, David. "Representationalism, Perceptual Distortion and the Limits of Phenomenal Concepts." Canadian Journal of Philosophy 45.1 (2015): 16-36.

Bourget, David & Chalmers, David J. "What Do Philosophers Believe?" Philosophical Studies 170.3 (2014):465-500.