Linguistics Outreach Event


Friday, March 24th, 2017
9:00 AM - 2:00 PM


Arts and Humanities Building, Western University

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How do I write in….? (Tania Granadillo)

What does Inuktitut writing look like? How does it work? What are some of the principles of writing hieroglyphs? Come learn how to write in Inuktitut and Egyptian hieroglyphs!

Language diversity (Ileana Paul)

We all know language have different sounds and different words (‘dog’ vs ‘chien’). But how many different word orders are there? Do all languages have tense? Come learn about just how diverse human languages are.

Museum (Lyndon Rey and Chantal Lloyd)

Are you Canadian? Did you ancestors come from another part of the world? The Canadian ways of talking are all shaped by the peoples that call Canada home.

Visualizing language sounds: You are your own instrument. (David Heap)

How do we produce human language sounds? Is it possible to see these sounds? Using first your vocal tract and then with special software you will discover some basics about acoustics.

Canadian English, eh?  (Michael Iannozzi)

Do you think Canadians sound like Americans? Do all Canadians talk the same? Put on your bunnyhug, grab a Bismarck Bun, and come learn all about the different ways Canadians speak.

What is Language? (Karen Pennesi)

How is human language different from other animal communication systems?  Can animals learn human language?

Language impairments (Madeline Walker)

What is a language impairment? Language and the brain, what's going on? What are some kinds of language impairments?