Sarah Saska


Dr. Sarah Saska is the co-founder and CEO of Feminuity, a global strategy firm that partners with leading technology startups through to Fortune 500 companies to build diverse teams, develop equitable systems, and design inclusive products and company cultures.

Twitter: @SarahSaska
Instagram: @SarahSaska
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Prior to co-founding Feminuity, Saska led pioneering doctoral research at the intersection of diversity, inclusion, and innovation. Her research highlighted the need for companies, namely those in the technology and innovation sector, to embed diversity, equity, and inclusion into the core of their business and became the inspiration for Feminuity.

Sarah continues her research as a leading advisor to the growing body of research relating to diversity and inclusion in the Canadian technology sector, having advised on flagship studies, including “Who Are Canada’s Tech Workers?,Tech for All: Breaking Barriers in Toronto’s Innovation Community,” and “Canada’s Gender Equity Roadmap: A Study of Women in Tech.”

Sarah holds a Ph.D. from Western University, an M.A. from The Institute of Feminist and Gender Studies at University of Ottawa/Université d’Ottawa and a B.A. (Hon) and certification in Sexual and Gender Diversity from the Department of Gender Studies at Queen’s University. Sarah has worked with various NGOs, non-profits, and women’s funds, and has extensive experience with LGBTQ+ communities, women’s rights and gender equality, and on a leading research trial dedicated to ending sexual violence, engaging bystanders, and building communities of support across Canadian universities.

Sarah has twice been named amongst the Women’s Executive Network’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women in Canada and on Culture Amp’s list of “21 Diversity and Inclusion Leaders You Should Know.” She speaks internationally and is a TEDx speaker, and she has been featured on CBC’s The National, as well as in Fast Company and The New York Times.

She is a member of the Advisory Council for Entrepreneurship at Western University, Pique Fund II, and The MATCH International Women’s Fund and sits on the Board of Directors for Wen-Do Women’s Self Defense. Sarah appreciates a critical perspective, and she values the messy parts of human interaction.

She lives in downtown Toronto with her dog, Gordon, (lovingly named after the late Gord Downie, former lead singer of The Tragically Hip).