Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Since the strategic planning process began in September 2011, a number of objectives have been successfully completed (listed below). The steering committee is continuing to focus on future objectives.

Completed Objectives

Customer Survey Feedback

Objective: To utilize the feedback from bi-annual customer survey that will provide us the flexibility to resolve unexpected situations (B1)

Outcome: Develop on-line survey, someone to compile info from the survey, analyse survey and make recommendations

Progress: Complete.

Roles & Responsibilities

Objective: To identify new and review existing roles and responsibilities as part of an annual review (P2)

Outcome: Clearly defined job descriptions

Progress: Complete.

Communication Plan

Objective: To review and develop a communication plan for FM that outlines stakeholders, their requirements and timelines (CO1) Outcome: External, internal, and operational communications plan(s)

Progress: Complete.

Bi-Annual Customer Surveys

Objective: To review existing methods of communication for responding to each stakeholder group, utilizing information for bi-annual customer surveys (CU2) Outcome: Set up formalized survey process and develop mechanism to update survey. Ensure consistent messaging to everyone.

Progress: Complete


Nov. 1, 2011

This document was created by the Strategic Planning Steering Committee. It outlines the action items/objectives that will guide Facilities Management towards reaching its vision. Each objective is aligned with an 'outcome' and leaders.

  • Under Review

Oct. 14, 2011

Physical Plant & Capital Planning Services strategic documentation.