Campus transitions to the cooling season

April 13, 2015

Facilities Management is reminding the campus community that building temperatures will vary over the next couple of weeks. The Division has begun the process of generating air conditioning and, because of the enormity of system, the switch can lead to a period of fluctuating temperatures.

As with most district (centralized) heating and cooling infrastructure, once there is a commitment to cooling, the process to revert to heating is equally costly and time-consuming and will only be performed in the fall. This large variation in outdoor air temperature presents the largest challenge of the spring and fall.

Facilities Management will continue to do its best to accommodate building occupants and maintain steady climate levels. The patience of the campus community is greatly appreciated and helps the members of the Division to keep focused on the task of providing comfortable studying, work, and research spaces.

Currently, it is our intent to have chilling start-up at the end of this month. Until then, cooling campus buildings will rely on increased fresh air intake. On warm days, that will have less of an impact. We encourage building occupants to dress in layers in preparation for the anticipated changes in temperatures.

Updates and service interruptions will be posted on this page and announced via our twitter account @westernuFM.