FM keeps crews on around the clock to clear snow

January 7, 2015

Please take care while travelling on campus today. The snow is expected to continue to fall into the evening and will affect conditions on streets and sidewalks. Facilities Management is working around the clock to remove snow and ice. Snow is falling at a rate of up to 20cm every 12 hours and will accumulate shortly after being clear. FM is urging the community to be patient and cautious during these adverse conditions.

Facilities Management scheduled activites (ongoing);

Thursday 3:30pm - FM crews are scheduled for monitoring conditions and clearing ice/snow when necesary.

Thursday 6am - Assume snow doesn't continue to fall, the campus will be completely cleared.

Thursday 3am - FM crews are scheduled to shovel and de-ice.

Thursday 12am - Snow covered parking lots will be cleared by heavy machine. 

Wednesday 8pm - Roads and sidewalks will be monitored and tended to as needed.

Wednesday 8am -  FM crews are plowing, shovelling and salting campus roads, walks and steps continually throughout the day, with all crews activated until 8pm.

Wednesday 7am - Parking lots are plowed. Roads and sidewalks are plowed and/or salted. Steps and entrances are cleared.

Wednesday 6am - Snow began to fall on campus dropping 10 to 20 cm of precipitation every 12 hours.

Tuesday 11pm - Wednesday 7am - Small crew was scheduled to begin snow and ice removal ahead of the anticipated storm.