The cooling season is underway

April 24, 2017

The weather hasn't provided many spikes in temperature this Spring and has led to relatively comfortable indoor temperatures.

Facilities Management (FM) has completed the process of generating air conditioning (starting chillers and filling cooling coils in the buildings). Because of the enormity of system, the switch can take a few weeks to prepare. As with most district (centralized) heating and cooling infrastructure, once there is a commitment to cooling, the process to revert to heating is equally costly and time-consuming and will only be performed in the fall. The mild, if not cool weather, has allowed the power plant and plumbers to get the system on standby without a heat wave making things uncomfortable in campus buildings.

Facilities Management will continue to accommodate building occupants and maintain steady climate levels. However, if people are experiencing unusually warm or cold building temperatures, they are encouraged to contact FMs Client Services (ext. 83304 or The Division strives to provide comfortable studying, work, and research spaces. With 9 million square feet of occupied space, the unit relies on reports from occupants to identify temperatures outside the acceptable ranges.

The campus community is encouraged to dress in layers as morning temps can be much cooler than those in the afternoon and may cause slight variations in indoor temperatures.