Active transportation gets a boost with addition of bike shelter

December 17, 2020
Cyclists riding to campus will have a new secure and weather-protected bike shelter in which to lock up this Fall. Facilities Management (FM), with funding from Parking & Visitor Services, installed the highly anticipated 60-bike capacity unit adjacent to Alumni Hall. (Read More)

Mock snow event prepares Landscape Services for the upcoming winter season

November 6, 2020
Although it’s forecasted to be 20 degrees Celsius today, Facilities Management’s Landscape Services team is rolling out its full snow clearing fleet. The team is taking part in a mock snow event as a proactive move ahead of any major accumulation of the white stuff. (Read More)

Plexi-barrier project ensures safer return to campus

October 8, 2020
Facilities Management's Projects and Structural Services teams are working closely with the Department of Engineerings, University Machine Shop to create a home-grown solution to barriers across campus. (Read More)

FM extends warm welcome to returning faculty

October 8, 2020
Members of the Division, in connection with Procurement Services and Western Technology Services, have developed “Welcome Back” kits for returning faculty. (Read More)

Sustainability champions honoured

July 17, 2020
A Hospitality staffer committed to waste diversion and a student who designed an app to improve use of electric-vehicle charging stations are among winners of this year’s Western sustainability awards. (Read More)

SHAPE - Building Services modernizes operation

April 6, 2020
The campus of Western University in London, Ontario covers 100 buildings with a gross area of about 844,000 square meters. With full-time enrollment at over 30,000 and a staff of almost 2,500, university facilities must meet a wide range of demands and be kept clean in spite of ongoing high traffic. (Read More)

COVID 19 - Sterilizing fleet vehicles, equipment

March 30, 2020
FM has engaged London-based sterilization experts, All Clear Disinfecting, to apply a proactive system that will protect surfaces for up to 30 days. All 48 fleet vehicles, landscaping equipment, and five Campus Police and Fire Safety vehicles have been treated with advanced anti-microbial solutions. (Read More)

COVID 19 - Update on Mail Service

March 23, 2020
With the current and evolving measures being taken to transition campus to a required services model, we are unfortunately unable to continue regularly scheduled mail delivery across campus. We have witnessed a significant reduction in incoming mail and parcel delivery volumes over the past week, but understand that time-sensitive or critical materials may still need to be received. (Read More)

Keys Office relocates, joins Client Services Office

March 9, 2020
The Keys Office has relocated to the Support Services Building, Rm. 1315, joining Facilities Management’s Client Services team. The move consolidates keys distribution for the campus community, internal services, and FM contractors. (Read More)

Oldest, youngest campus buildings earn top honours

March 9, 2020
Both the newly constructed Amit Chakma Engineering Building and historic University College received top honours from the Don Smith Commercial Building Awards. (Read More)

Campus parking lots reopen following flood warning

January 9, 2020
Parking lots across campus have reopened this morning as Western joins the rest of Southwestern Ontario in drying out after a record-setting rain swept through the region this weekend. (Read More)

Lighting project prompts transit, traffic detours

January 6, 2020
Transit riders and campus commuters need to plan for detours and delays for the next few weeks as university efforts to brighten up campus continue into the New Year. (Read More)