Work begins on Biomed Building site

November 26, 2019
Early work on the new Biomedical Research Facility has begun with construction fence going up in the Medical Science Parking Lot and a section between the Siebens Drake Research Institute and the Medical Science Building already excavated.(Read More)

Facilities crews ready to dig in after first snow

November 15, 2019
Winter and snow can evoke polarizing emotions in people. No one knows this better than Bryan Wakefield, Director of Operations Facilities Management and the Landscape Services Team. Although, only a few months into the job and entering his first winter at Western, Wakefield is aware of the challenges ahead.(Read More)

‘Kent Walk’ revamp earns top design award

November 13, 2019
It’s not re-labelled on official campus maps – not yet, anyhow – but the pedestrian-priority stretch of Kent Drive that fronts University College has transformed to Kent Walk in everything but name.(Read More)

Iconic tree fights ‘losing game’; hope sprouts beneath

November 1, 2019
It’s not the oldest tree on campus – not by a long shot – but it may be one of Western’s most recognizable. For years, its broad branches stretched out an invitation to those looking for shade. Graduates have posed with their degrees beneath its canopy.(Read More)

Campus changes surround Thames Hall reno

November 1, 2019
As the Thames Hall renovation enters its main phase, Facilities Management officials are flagging changes around the landmark building that might impact day-to-day life for the campus community.(Read More)

Energy-efficient solutions pay off for Western

October 8, 2019
A decade of energy-efficiency projects is placing less strain on natural gas supplies and reducing greenhouse gases across campus – all while putting money back into Western’s budget, university officials recently announced.(Read More)

Construction to impact parking across campus

September 24, 2109
Early construction work to support the new Biomedical Research Facility will lead to a reduction in spaces in the Medical Science parking lot and a cascade of parking changes, Facilities Management officials announced today.(Read More)

Two all-way stops added for campus safety

September 20, 2019
Two new all-way stops being added to campus look to improve safety for all in areas where high volumes of pedestrian and vehicular traffic intersect, Facilities Management officials announced today.(Read More)

Campus efforts to reduce bird strikes take flight

July 26, 2019
From afar, the windows of the Western Interdisciplinary Research Building (WIRB) appear as vivid as all outdoors. Fluffy clouds scud across a bright blue sky.(Read More)

Chakma Building honoured for green push

June 10, 2019
Recognized for “making a difference” in Canada’s green building industry, the Amit Chakma Engineering Building has been presented the Green Building Excellence Award for New Construction by the Canada Green Building Council at this year’s Leadership Awards Gala Dinner.(Read More)

Anti-theft initiative puts bikes in better view

May 24, 2019
You’ve heard the old adage ‘lock it or lose it.’ But in a recent report on reducing bike crime, where you lock your bike up can actually make a difference, too.(Read More)

Energy-savings fight heats up for summer

May 15,2019
For the last eight summers, Facilities Management staff has confronted rising energy bills and mounting demand pressures by working with the university community to reduce electricity consumption during June, July and August. That challenge dawns again this year.(Read More)

Campus construction heats up with summer

April 29,2019
With 100-plus buildings across 500 acres, the Western campus requires thousands of maintenance, repair, and infrastructure upgrade projects throughout the year. As the campus quiets down for summer, those projects will ramp up for Facilities Management.(Read More)

Investments shine new light on campus

March 14, 2019
A multi-million-dollar overhaul of Western’s exterior lighting – along roadways and paths, in parking lots and beside buildings – will brighten up and improve safety across the campus, university officials announced today.(Read More)

University Drive Bridge reopens to traffic March 8

March 7, 2019
University Drive Bridge will reopen to motorists on Friday, March 8 – just in time for the university to play host to its annual March Break Open House on March 9, Western officials announce today.(Read More)

Western putting old, inefficient units on ice

January 17, 2019
A handful of Western researchers find themselves in a permanent deep freeze – and they couldn’t be happier.(Read More)