Professors Emeritus

Doreen Bartlett, BSc(PT), MSc, PhD

Doreen Bartlett Headshot
  • School of Physical Therapy (1997-2017)
  • Recipient of the Ann VanSant Global Scientific Writing Lectureship in 2020 in recognition of leadership on the importance of science and scientific writing in the advancement of pediatric physical therapy
  • Leader on nationally- and internationally- funded research projects focusing on developmental monitoring of children and youth with cerebral palsy to optimize outcomes
  • Advocate and facilitator of life-long professional development among healthcare practitioners

Michele Crites Battié, PhD

Michelle Crites Battie Headshot
  • School of Physical Therapy (2017-2022)
  • Recipient of numerous international research awards, most notably on environmental and genetic influences on degenerative spinal conditions, and prior to joining Western held a Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Common Spinal Disorders (the 1st in Rehabilitation)
  • With the support of Western’s Bone & Joint Institute and a Western Research Chair, she initiated and led the early development of the first Spinal Rehabilitation Registry

Janet Brown, PT, BScPT, MEd

  • Full Time Faculty 1988-2015
  • Began a combined teaching & co-ordinator position in the School of PT 1988 as part of the Northern Outreach Program for the Ministry of Health
  • Developed and delivered Neuro-Rehabilitation Courses for most of the 27 years in the School of PT
  • Also taught many Therapeutic Modalities Courses
  • Teaching Excellence Award 2003

Bert Chesworth, BA, BScPT, MCIScPT, PhD

Bert Chesworth Photo
  • Award of Distinction: Canadian Physiotherapy Association, 2021
  • First FCAMPT to obtain PhD, 2000
  • 20 years clinical experience in public and industrial settings 
  • More than 85 peer-reviewed publications
  • Research areas included: orthopaedic/MSK outcomes and total hip/knee arthroplasty outcomes
  • Former Director, School of Physical Therapy

Pamela Houghton, BSc(PT), PhD

Pamela Houghton Photo
  • School of Physical Therapy (1994-2022); Faculty Scholar (2009); Full Professor (2010)
  • Chair, MClSc Advanced Health Care Practice Program (2007-2021)
  • Founder & Lead Instructor of Canada's first master's program in Wound Healing (MClSc-WH)
  • Research program examined the role for Physical Therapists in Wound Care including establishing an effective protocol for treatment of hard to head wounds using electrical stimulation therapy

Tom Overend, BSc(PT), PhD

Tom Overend Photo
  • School of Physical Therapy (1994-2019)
  • Director, School of Physical Therapy (2009-2014)
  • Admissions Chair, Master of Physical Therapy Program (1997-2004)
  • 99 publications
  • Principal supervisor for 5 PhD and 15 Master's students

Anthony Vandervoort, BSc(KIN), MSc(Adapted Human Biodynamics), PhD(Neurosciences)

  • School of Physical Therapy (1984-2016)
  • Graduate Program Chair, School of Physical Therapy (1992-2000)
  • Associate Dean in Graduate Studies Administration (2002-2010)
  • Supervised numerous Master's and PhD theses of physical therapists
  • Promoted interdisciplinary gerontology research and education throughout FHS