EEG and Sound Booths


Brain activity can be measured by recording electrical signals on the surface of the scalp, a method known as electroencephalography (EEG). As a result, This cognitive neuroscience research area at WIRB is home to electrically shielded recording rooms, small and large soundbooths. The WIBB houses a variety of EEG systems ranging from 14 to 128 channels. Our systems are used in various cognitive neuroscience areas and are also used in conjunction with a variety of other neuroscience equipment such as: a geodesic sensor net for measuring the positions of the electrodes on the head, eye tracking, an MRI-compatible EEG kit for doing both simultaneously, fNIRS compatible EEG caps for simultaneous EEG/fNIRS research.

If you are interested in accessing the resources in this area of the Western Interdisciplinary Research Building, please contact Chantal Rochon (EEG, fNIRS, Sleep Lab Coordinator).