Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience


Research in the Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience (DCN) area of WIRB focuses mainly on cognitive development and processing in child/adolescent populations, both typical and atypical. Topics of investigation include, but are not limited to, social interaction, learning, affect, etc. Research tools typically used in the WIRB DCN area include: fNIRS (functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy), fMRI (functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging), EEG (Electroencephalography), Eye-tracking, behavioural monitoring, and computer-based tasks/assessments. NOTE: The DCN area is also home to an MRI simulator, used to acclimatize participants to the noise and confinement of an fMRI scanner, while also providing head movement data for fMRI inclusion/exclusion determination.

If you are interested in accessing the resources in this area of the Western Interdisciplinary Research Building, please contact Derek Quinlan (Research Facility Manager).