The Cognitive Neuroscience Research Facility at WIRB has a large sound attenuation room that houses a specialized auditory stimulus presentation system (only a few in the world), referred to as the “Audiodome”.  This 91 speaker spherical array (+ 8 sub-woofer speakers) is capable of reproducing highly realistic virtual “soundscapes”, such as a busy restaurant or noisy city street, for the purposes of investigating how participants process sound information in various settings (see demo video). This speaker array has the flexibility to add 8 additional speakers, allowing for the creation of high-density zones, often used in auditory localization experiments. This system is capable of being used in combination with other research equipment, such as virtual reality and fNIRS. 

If you are interested in accessing the resources in this area of the Western Interdisciplinary Research Building, please contact Derek Quinlan (Research Facility Manager).