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    Golden Opportunities: Shining light on solar cell performance

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    Timing and Aggression Key: New questions about cancer treatment

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    Big Data, Big Results: Western, IBM solving riddle of brain disorders

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    The College: Four elected to new branch of the Royal Society of Canada

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    RSC Success: Six elected as Fellows of the Royal Society of Canada

Funding & Award News

Fellowship in the Royal Society of Canada

Fellows are peer-elected as the best in their fields, representing the pinnacle of Canadian intellectual leadership. Their exceptional achievements are evidenced by a body of publications, endeavours, or creative activities exhibiting original contributions in their fields, as well as activities in public life.
Nomination deadline: December 1, 2014. (More)

John Charles Polanyi Prizes from the Council of Ontario Universities

These are five prestigious grants of $20,000 each, given to outstanding researchers beginning postdoctoral studies or their first faculty appointment. They are awarded in physics, chemistry, literature, physiology or medicine, and economic science.
Application deadline: December 1, 2014. (More)

Research News

Positioned to build a smarter future - October 23, 2014

Even with access to 200 million pages of content, consuming four terabytes of disk storage, IBM’s Watson supercomputer wasn’t able to answer correctly every question during its 2011 Jeopardy appearance. (More)

Western lecturer explores life in perpetual motion - October 23, 2014

What’s missing from Meredith Levine’s new multimedia project on chronic vertigo is her own story.(More)

'Beautiful' work turns the pages of the past - October 23, 2014

At first glance, it looks more like something you might rest your feet on rather than read. (More)

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Research Summaries

  • Automotive Research at  Western

    Automotive Research

    From the production of biofuels, fuel cells and alternative forms of energy...
  • AFAR

    Avian Research

    Until now, the study of birds in flight has been particularly challenging for researchers...
  • Advanced Manufacturing Park

    Manufacturing Park

    Conveniently located minutes from Highway 401, the 38-acre Advanced Manufacturing Park is a unique partnership...
  • The Africa Institute

    The Africa Institute

    Western University launched The Africa Institute to advance scholarship and policy development efforts...
  • Biotron


    Climate change and environmental stresses placed by humans on plants, animals, insects and micro-organisms...
  • Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel

    Wind Tunnel

    Architects, planners and engineers are very interested in how structures respond to wind forces...
  • Brain Mind Institute

    Brain and Mind

    A unique collaborative research effort drawing upon the talents of more than 20 principal scientists and colleagues...

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