Animal Care and Veterinary Services

Non-Commercial Orders

Non-Commercial orders are considered "all animals that do not come from commercial stock via standard lab suppliers." For non-commercial orders, use the eSirius3G website.

There are two types of Non-commercial sources:

In either case, the source be must part of the approved Animal Use Protocol on which the animals are being ordered.

The Primary Research Technician Responsible for Animal Care of the animals requested is required to have the following:


Only animals ordered from ACVS standard suppliers are immediately approved by ACVS. Orders for animals from non-approved suppliers require more lead time to process. Information on animal health status is required from the vendor for ACVS approval. In addition, non-standard source animals usually undergo quarantine and health testing prior to release to area of choice within the animal facility. Surcharges may apply for orders that require additional time in sourcing, obtaining records and testing.