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Animal Use Protocols

Anyone who wishes to use live animals in research or teaching at Western University and its affliates must disclose all procedures in an approved Animal Use Protocol (AUP). All AUPs are reviewed by the ACC, consisting of animal-using researchers, research lab animal technicians, grad students, non-animal-using researchers, a veterinarian, and members of the community at large who have never worked in animal research. Any subsequent changes to the AUP post-approval must also be reviewed and approved by the ACC via Protocol Modification.

For more information on Animal Use Protocols, please visit the ACC Website.

To begin an AUP at Western, please contact for more information.

AUP Facilitation

In order to efficiently navigate the Animal Use Protocol review process, ACC Administration strongly recommends a facilitation meeting with all Principal Investigators and their designates prior to beginning their AUP.

During this facilitation meeting, The ACC Coordinator and The Protocol Support Veterinarian meet with the PI and their designate(s) to work through the AUP Form, with emphasis on:

PIs are asked to bring a flowchart and timeline of the work they intend to do in the project. The facilitation service takes approximately 2 hours.

Facilitations are also available for Annual Renewals and Protocol Modifications, if needed.

To book a facilitation meeting with ACC Administration, please email