Animal Care and Veterinary Services Animal Care and Veterinary Services

Access to ACVS-Managed Facilities

Facility access is limited to active users and is controlled by card access.

In order to obtain facility access, individuals must...

  1. Possess a current Western One Card.
  2. Be on an approved Animal Use Protocol.
  3. Complete required animal handling courses as outlined by Research Education.
  4. Complete and submit an Access Request Form.


For more information regarding access and facility orientation, please contact us at

Security Card Use

All personnel must have and display their own valid security card. Individuals not in possession of a valid security card may be asked to leave the facility. Individuals who lend/borrow cards risk having their privileges revoked permanently.

Visitors are NOT permitted without prior approval from ACVS staff. All visitors must sign 'in' and 'out' at the main desk and must be accompanied by an ACVS staff member (or designate) at all times. Visitors may be asked for photo identification upon entering the facility.

Supervisors are responsible for notifying ACVS when individuals leave the University, or no longer require facility access.

Appropriate Dress

Dress requirements vary by facility and are dependent on the health status and species of the area.  All users must adhere to the dress requirements.

Conventional Housing Facilities

Rodent Barriers