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Medical Emergency Signage

ACVS is dedicated to creating and maintaining a safe workspace for people and animals alike.

Occupational Health and Safety offers a variety of courses and resources to staff members to ensure the safety of themselves and others.

Accident/Incident reporting

Be sure you are aware of the procedures for accident/incident reporting. You can pick up a form from any of our facility OH&S boards but you must report these to your supervisor.


Biosafety training is required for all animal users.  Please ensure that you are up to date on the required training.  N-95 respirators are encouraged to help prevent allergies & are required for some specialized areas.  Please contact your supervisor or OH&S to arrange a personalized fitting.   

For more information, visit the main OH&S website, or check out their courses, at

Hazard Agents Notification Requirement

3 business days prior to using any hazardous agents in the animal-care controlled facilities, you must complete the Hazardous Agents Notification Form. You will be contacted by ACVS receiving either a confirmation to go ahead as planned or receive further instructions

Public Health Agency of Canada

 The Public Health Agency of Canada (the Agency) is the national authority on biosafety and biosecurity for human pathogens and toxins. For many years, one important tool used by the Agency’s Pathogen Regulation Directorate (PRD) is the Laboratory Safety Guidelines.

You should become familiar with this information if working in one of the animal labs: Laboratory Biosafety Guidelines (PDF)



The ergonomics website was designed to help Western’s employees modify their own work areas with the goal of improved safety, comfort and efficiency.  To achieve this, practical ergonomics information is provided including ergo tips, general exercises and step-by-step assistance with office workstation set-up.  Employees are invited to review the website and call us with questions or request a free ergonomics consultation.

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