Elizabeth Krische

Associate Vice-President (Facilities Management)


Facilities Management responsibilities include Facilities Operations, Building Services, Facilities Development & Engineering, Sustainability, Business Operations and Parking & Visitor Services.

Facilities Management

Facilities Development & Engineering, Operations, Building Services, Sustainability, Parking & Visitor Services

Team Size: Facilities Management: has a staff of over 500 full-time & part-time employees, including project managers, designers, engineers, architects, technologists, skilled trades, and temporary staff in addition to apprentices and seasonal students.

Key Clients: Staff, faculty, students, alumni, Research Parks, London Health Sciences Centre, Western’s Board of Governors and Subcommittees of the Board, and government authorities.

Main Services: FM supports campus-wide requirements for routine and emergency repairs and preventative maintenance of Western’s 90+ buildings, lands, and infrastructure as well as the provision of safe and well-maintained parking and transiting infrastructure. The unit also maintains a clean and safe environment for Western’s operational, academic, and research activities and supports the reduction of the environmental footprint on campus while promoting sustainable choices and awareness. Facilities Management work encompasses: capital planning; master planning; construction and project management; engineering; design; estimating; furnishings; signage; Western Environmental System (WES) Controls; energy efficiency; environmental compliance; and, infrastructure (roads, bridges).

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Elizabeth Krische
Associate Vice-President
t. (519) 661-2111 x84576
e. ekrische@uwo.ca