Section 2 - Financial
Associated Procedures
2.1 Gift Acceptance
2.2 Fund Raising and Canvassing
2.3 Accounts Receivable
2.4 Student Fees
2.5 Retention of Consultants: Audit, Accounting and Tax Procedures
2.6 Retention of Legal Counsel
2.7 Guaranteed Housing Loan Plan *Not Currently Available
2.8 Procurement of Materials and Services Procedures
2.9 Asset Management - Central Inventory and Disposal Procedures
2.10 Student Scholarships, Awards and Prizes Procedures
2.11 Investment Payout
2.12 Acquisition of Investment Services Procedures
2.13 Activity or Membership Fees Collected by the University
2.14 Disclosure of Information on Western Investments Procedures
2.15 Approval of Capital Projects Procedures
2.16 Travel and Expense Reimbursement Procedures
2.17 Moving Allowances
2.18 Membership Fees
2.20 Donation of Funds by Employees for the Acquisition of Equipment in Support of Employment Responsibilities
2.21 Personal Use of University Resources Procedures
2.22 Funding of Academic Chairs, Professorships and Designated Faculty Fellowships
2.23 Contracting of Brokers and Consultants
2.24 Space Allocations to Retirees
2.25 Internal Endowments
2.26 Statement of Investment Objectives, Policies and Governance for the Short-Term Portfolio, Mid-Term Portfolio and Operating and Endowment Fund
2.27 Issuing Charitable Receipts to Fund Raising Events
2.28 Gift Valuation
2.29 Investigator-Vendor Conflict of Interest Procedures
2.30 Capital Debt Policy Procedures
2.31 Major Strategic Opportunities Fund