Frequently Asked Questions

Do I apply for Theatre Studies in first year?

No. Theatre Studies is not direct entry. Apply for the Faculty of Arts & Humanities, and then make sure you take an essay course, because 1.0 essay course(s) are the prerequisite for our second year courses. Then, declare Theatre Studies going into year two.

Do I need an English class?

No. Theatre Studies requires you to have an essay course under your belt, but it can be drawn from a wide variety of options in the Faculties of Arts & Humanities, Social Science, or Information & Media Studies.

Can I train to be an actor or director?

No; we’re not a conservatory program. The degree is a BA, not a BFA, and it’s in Theatre Studies, not Drama. However, we have a production course (see below), offer two courses in conjunction with the Stratford Festival, and lots of our students go on to do one or two-year post degree programs in acting, directing, or stage management.

Will I get to be in shows?

Yes! Our Fall Theatre Production course is really popular. Students on that course take up all the roles on the show, from acting and props and costumes to marketing and outreach.

We also offer two Stratford courses, both of which centre on production, AND lots of opportunities to make theatre with Theatre Western, our campus’s vibrant student theatre club, and the Arts & Humanities Student Council, which puts on a major show every winter term.

In second or third year, you can also opt for our amazing study abroad course, Theatre Studies 3900G - Destination Theatre. Students will have the opportunity to develop their drama education more deeply through the experience of theatre in London, England or New York, NY.

What can I do with my degree?

All kinds of stuff! Our grads ...
  • run their own theatre companies
  • work in arts management
  • go on to train as actors, using their Western degree as important background in the history, theory, and practice of performance
  • go on to teachers’ college
  • go on to grad school
  • use their theatre studies training to apply “performance” to jobs in business, medicine, marketing
... and much more!
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