devereux hsWith a genuine and personable approach, Professor Joanna Devereux expertly guides students through a major Western University theatre production in the popular practical drama course English 2041F and directs the Western Summer Shakespeare performances. An award-winning instructor, Jo also studies the relationship between nineteenth-century visual arts, theatre, performance, and poetry.

MJ KidnieIt was during a “year out” in England, watching theatre at the Royal Shakespeare Company, that Professor M.J. Kidnie discovered her passion for research and education. M.J. is a scholar and award-winning professor with special interests in stagings that veer towards adaptation. Theatrical innovation and creativity inspire her research and writing, and drive the energy of her classroom.

purkisSince his stint as a transvestite boy actor in the two-day run (including dress rehearsal) of Bo Peep at Templewood Junior school, Professor James Purkis' interest in drama has been mostly academic. His most recent research has looked at ‘prompt books’ from Shakespeare’s theatre, while earlier publications have explored how drama enters into public debates about gender and authorial property.