Study at Stratford Festival with renowned theatre coaches

Spring/Summer: June 10 - 22, 2024

We offer two courses for university credit in partnership with the universities of Guelph, Windsor; Brock University; and St. Jerome’s University (affiliated with the University of Waterloo). Courses run for two weeks during the Spring/Summer session.

  • Learn on site with renowned theatre coaches at an internationally acclaimed theatre festival and company

  • Attend Shakespeare productions  and gain practical tools to analyze, personalize and perform a piece of classical text

  • Develop techniques and exercises to prepare your  body, breath and voice for acting and rehearsing

Housing and transportation are not provided by Western. Please click here to view a list of student-friendly accommodation options in Stratford. Once class begins, students are encouraged to reach out to fellow classmates for possible carpool arrangements.

Theatre Studies 3206F - Shakespeare in Performance

An historical, theoretical, and analytical introduction to Shakespeare's plays in performance. This course focuses on specific problems related to past productions and to those in the current Stratford Festival season. Class usually meets for three hours a day, six afternoons a week (Mon-Sat, Sun off), and usually includes attendance at Shakespeare productions. Limited enrollment. THEATRE STUDIES 3206F RUNS CONCURRENTLY WITH THEATRE STUDIES 3207F. Intersession only.

Theatre Studies 3207F - Voice and Text in the Theatre (co-requisite TS3206F)

A workshop in which students will experience, with simple, practical exercises, the ways in which Festival actors develop and maintain their voices and explore various aspects of the text they are performing. Class usually meets for three hours a day, six mornings a week (Mon-Sat, Sun off). Taught by voice, text, and dialect coaches from Stratford Festival. Limited enrollment. THEATRE STUDIES 3207F RUNS CONCURRENTLY WITH THEATRE STUDIES 3206F. STUDENTS TAKING THEATRE STUDIES 3207F MUST ALSO BE REGISTERED IN THEATRE STUDIES 3206F. Intersession only.

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