Notice of Internal Award

How do we create accounts for research eligible faculty members who have received research funds from our department or faculty?

A Notice of Internal Award (NOIA) is required to create, activate and maintain awards for researchers who have successfully obtained internal funding. This form contains information that several offices require to create and activate a research account.

How to fill out the form:

  1. ROLA ID (if started); or, identify who will create this proposal 
    • Research Development & Services,
    • The Principal Investigator, or
    • A Member of of Our Department.
  2. Project Title – what are the funds being used for?
  3. Principal Investigator – who is the research eligible faculty member who will hold the award/account?
  4. Student – this is optional and only to be used if the funds are intended for a student.
  5. Sponsor – this will usually be your department or faculty.
  6. Program – this will be the program that your department or faculty are supporting; this could be Faculty Start Up Funds, or Internal Research Fund, or Internal Funding.
  7. Source of Funds – provide either a speed code or chart field information.
  8. Please choose either:
    • Funds to return to funding source at the end of award, or
    • PI has access to funds until fully spent.
  9. Award Amount – the total funding for the full award.
  10. Funding to be divided over funding periods, please confirm either:
    • No.
    • Yes.  Please see #14 – add the details of how the funds will be divided over the term of the award
  11. Start Date – the date must be the first day of the award month.
  12. End Date – the date must be the last day of the last month of the award.
  13. Certifications Required – This is a required field as it satisfies our certification compliance mandate.  PI has confirmed funds will, or will not, be supporting the following research activities:
    • Animal – Research involving animals;
    • Biological Agents – Research involving biohazardous materials or pathogens; or
    • Humans – Research involving humans.
  14. Additional funding information – this is where the division of funding should be detailed.
  15. Comments – this could be used to identify any relevant animal or human certification protocol numbers, if known.
  16. Contact Person – The person who is administering the funds; not the award recipient.


If you have any questions on how to fill out the form, please contact for more information.