Canada Gairdner International Award - 2024

Canada Gairdner International Award

The Canada Gairdner Awards celebrate the world’s best biomedical and global health researchers through annual awards.

About the Gairdner Awards

The Canada Gairdner International Award recognizes outstanding biomedical scientists who have made original contributions resulting in an increased understanding of human biology and disease.

Nominations in the field of translational research are welcome. The award is intended for seminal bodies of work, not cumulative lifetime achievement.

Canada Gairdner International Award winners receive a $100 000 prize, award citation and a medal.


Successful nominees are exceptional, research-focused scientific investigators who have transformed the understanding of human biology and disease and have produced a distinct body of scientific research contributions.

Scholars may not apply for the Canada Gairdner International Award; they must be nominated by an expert in their field.

Nomination Process

A complete nomination includes the following required information:

  • Nominee Details
  • Citation (150 words max)
  • Research Summary (1,000 words max)
  • Top Five Publications including a brief summary of the impact/importance of each
  • Short CV (10-20 pages)
  • Nominee in Context (1,000 words max): contextualize the nominees work including
    • Impact on trajectory or foundational understanding of their field
    • Significant contributors or potential co-nominees for the work being highlighted
    • Clarification of their individual contribution in collaborative projects
  • Letter of Referece (max. 3 pages each): provide 3-5 letters with objective evaluations of the candidate and their body of work


Final nominations are submitted directly to the online nomination portal:


Notice of Intent to Nominate: August 11, 2023 (email if you wish to have Western Research support and coordination of your nomination)

The final submission deadline is October 1, 2023.

More information about the Gairdner International Award can be found here:

Further details about the complete nomination process and required documentations are available at:


Potential nominators and nominees are encouraged to contact Research Awards & Distinctions at regarding Western Research support and coordination of your nomination.