Small Grant Funding

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Program Description

The goals of the Small Grant Funding program are to increase research capacity, research participation, and grant submissions at Western. Funding requests up to $10,000 to support activities that promote these goals are eligible under the Small Grant funding program.

All proposals must address the overall program goals, and meet the following eligibility criteria:

  1. The proposal involves participation from more than one Faculty, or from a Faculty and an outside partner (i.e., at minimum two faculties or one faculty plus an outside partner).
  2. Projects must be short-term with clearly defined timeframe and goals (e.g., conferences, workshops, symposia, needs assessments). This program does not support personnel, equipment, or other costs associated with ongoing research programs (new or in progress).

Proposals will be assessed based on the expected value of the proposal with regard to the program objectives, and final approval will depend on availability of Small Grant Funding program resources. Applicants are encouraged to seek additional support for projects in the form of cash or in-kind contributions from a Faculty, Department, School, or other partner. These contributions should be included in the project budget. While a co-funding model is not a requirement for application, preference will be given to applications that include co-funding arrangements.

Small Grant Funding Submission Procedures

To allow for adequate procedural time for transfer of funds, submissions should be made a minimum of
eight weeks prior to the start of the proposed activities.

Proposals are submitted to the Vice President (Research) using the online VPR Small Grant Request Form.

Proposals must have Faculty Associate (or Assistant) Dean Research approval and will be forwarded through the ROLA system to the applicable ADR, for faculty approval, and then to the AVP (Research). Submissions will be reviewed by administration, an AVP (Research) and the VPR. A decision based on available funds and strategic value will be communicated by our office within one month of receipt of the request.

As identified in the online submission form, proposals must include:

  • Description of the proposed program
  • Faculties, departments and partners involved
  • Objectives, including anticipated impact, reach and measures of success
  • Detailed budget including a clear explanation of how the VPR funds will be spent
  • Anticipated completion date

For requests greater than $10,000 discussion with an AVPR should be initiated and a plan to address the request can be formulated. As with small grant requests, the Faculty ADR must be aligned to the proposal.

An outcome report will be required within three months of the anticipated end date of the grant as indicated in the request for funds. The report should include a description of the impact and success of the grant in reaching the objectives.


For more information on this program please contact: Joseph Paciocco or Western Research Internal Grants