What is BrainsCAN?

Western’s BrainsCAN initiative was created in 2016 to radically transform brain research. Under this initiative, world-renowned cognitive researchers are working together to modify how brain disorders and diseases are understood, diagnosed and treated. BrainsCAN research projects are taking place across numerous departments, facilities and institutes at Western.

Get involved with BrainsCAN. Apply for BrainsCAN grants.

  • Do you have a cognitive neuroscience research project requiring funding? Apply for BrainsCAN’s Accelerator Program to access internal funding for high-risk/high-reward cognitive research projects at Western.
  • Do you know a world-leading neuroscience postdoctoral scholar? BrainsCAN is looking for early career cognitive neuroscientists, whose innovative work has already achieved impact, to join BrainsCAN’s Postdoctoral Fellowship Program.
  • Interested in medical commercialization? The Medical Innovation Fellowship (MIF) Program offers a unique opportunity to engage with highly entrepreneurial clinicians and scientists with the goal of creating new medical technologies.
  • Looking to work with a collaborative, cross-institution multidisciplinary research team? Apply for the McGill-Western Collaboration Grant to conduct high-impact cognitive research projects with McGill University researchers.


For more information, or questions relating BrainsCAN, please visit or email