Western College of Reviewers

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Western Research has launched the College of Reviewers (the College) with the aim to bring a structured peer review process at the University to mobilize the appropriate expertise in multi-disciplinary panels for the review of some internal and award programs. The College, in its pilot year, includes a broad representation of expert reviewers from 10 faculties, all career stages (i.e., early career researchers, tenured, etc.), and varied lived and learned experiences. 

The College of Reviewers undergoes customized bias and anti-racism training to provide reviewers with the knowledge and resources necessary to conduct consistent, fair and high-quality reviews. 

Recruitment for new College cohorts is done annually, typically over the Spring term. All nominations must be championed by the Associate Dean of Research of the supporting faculty


Become a College Member

Members of the College of Reviewers (College) are recognized experts in their fields and are committed to providing consistent, fair and high-quality reviews contributing to the research funding landscape at Western University. 

If you are interested in being considered for a position as a member of the College, we encourage you to complete our online form. All candidates will be assessed by the Associate Dean of Research in their faculty and put forth to the VPR Office if appropriate. 

Benefits of Membership

Participation in the College of Reviewers offers the following benefits to its members:

  • gaining insight into the peer review process and experience,
  • learning about new research developments at the University,
  • engaging and networking with peers,
  • and being a member of the College is considered a part of the researcher's service activities at the University. 

Membership Term and Renewal

College members serve a three-year service term in length, typically starting in July. The first cohort of the College started in July 2022, and the University is looking to add new cohorts annually until the peer review need at the University is met. 

The College will reach out to members with expiring terms to offer them an opportunity to renew their College Membership. 

At any time, Members may end their membership with the College. Prior to ending membership, individuals will be asked to fulfill any outstanding peer review commitments they have made (with the exception of extenuating circumstances).

For questions about existing or potential College membership, please contact us at intgrant@uwo.ca.


For more information about this program, please contact intgrant@uwo.ca.