Partnership Development Grants

The SSHRC Partnership Development Grant program provides support for teams/partnerships to develop research and related activities in the social sciences and humanities fields. The proposed projects must include knowledge mobilization and the meaningful involvement of students and emerging scholars, by fostering new partnerships for research and related activities involving existing and/or potential partners. Alternatively, the proposed research project may design and test new partnership approaches for research and/or related activities that may result in best practices or models that either can be adapted by others or have the potential to be scaled up to a regional, national or international level.

Partnership funding is intended for teams working in formal collaboration between postsecondary institutions and/or organizations of various types. Within the Partnership Development Grants funding opportunity, there are two distinct categories of partnerships that may request support:

  • Existing partnerships: Support to foster new research and/or research-related partnership activities that are distinct from the partnership’s previous/ongoing partnership activities.
  • New partnerships: Support to foster new research and/or research-related partnership activities that are undertaken by partnerships in their initial stages

Please see the SSHRC program page for more details.

Value and Duration

  • One to three years
  • Total of $75,000 to $200,000 over the funding period
  • Applicants are required to secure cash/in-kind contributions towards their proposal but no minimum value is required.


Applications submitted to SSHRC that would be more appropriately evaluated by NSERC or CIHR will not be accepted. In such cases, applicants may be required to submit a new application to the appropriate agency. Applicants working in research areas where boundaries overlap are advised to state clearly in all applications for funding why they believe their proposals are primarily appropriate for support by the agency to which they are submitting their application. Partners, as outlined in the proposal must provide evidence that they have entered into a formal partnership.

Application Checklist & Important Dates

  • Complete and submit a ROLA Proposal
  • Western Letter of Support
  • Partner Letters of Engagement
  • Evidence of Formal Partnership document(s) (various formats as appropriate to the partnership)
  • Proposal development and review
  • Forward application to Western Research via SSHRC online system
  • WR RDO submits application to SSHRC

Important Dates

Program information and dates
September 9 
  • Notify Western Research (WR) of intent to apply.
September 16
  • Meet with Research Development Officer and your Faculty Research Office to discuss application requirements and Dept/Faculty/University contributions (cash and/or in-kind).
  • Discuss partner involvement, contributions and application process with partners.
October 6
  • Finalize all partner Letters of Engagement.
  • Finalize Western Letter of Engagement for institutional signature.
October 20
  • Deadline to submit proposal draft (including budget) for RDO review.
  • All partner contributions confirmed and invitations completed in the SSHRC system.
  • All co-applicants and collaborators confirmed and invitations completed.
November 9
  • ROLA proposal completed and submitted.
  • Finalize partner MOU or evidence of formal partnership documents.
  • Deadline to submit a completed application with all supported documents in the online SSHRC portal for Western Research review.
November 15*
  • Sponsor deadline: Electronic submission of application to SSHRC by Western Research.
  • *Note SSHRC's next business day rule if deadline falls on weekends or holidays.



For more information, please contact Elizabeth Russell-Minda, Research Development Officer