ACC Fees

Animal Care Committee Review Fee

A fee of $1,000 CAD will be charged for all applications funded by a for-profit entity. This fee covers costs of initial and ongoing reviews of all new applications, regardless of whether the proposed industry-sponsored research project is investigator-initiated or sponsor-initiated. It is applied once for each specific application and covers initial review, annual renewals and minor amendments for the following three years.

  • Initial ACC Review: $1,000 CAD
  • Major Amendments: $1,000 CAD
  • Annual Renewals: $1,000 CAD after three years, for continuing ethics review
  • Pilot project: $500 CAD

Initial Review Fee

An initial ACC review fee of $1,000 CAD is required for each new application funded by a for-profit entity (e.g., pharmaceutical/medical device company) or other for-profit organization. This fee is charged regardless of the review's outcome.

There is no charge for applications requiring animal ethical review that are either unfunded, funded internally (including teaching) or funded by grants from federal/provincial granting agencies or charitable or not-for-profit organizations.

Major Amendments

A $1,000 CAD fee will be charged for all major amendments (after initial approval) involving full review. The ACC may also classify an amendment as major based on the level of review required to approve the amendment. This amendment fee will be charged at the time of each amendment review.

Annual Renewal Fee

An annual $1,000 CAD fee will be charged after three years for continuing animal ethics review. This annual renewal fee will be charged after the third year the project is active.

Pilot project

A fee of $500 CAD will be charged for pilot projects funded by a for-profit entity.

Invoicing and Payment

The principal investigator remains responsible for communicating ACC fee requirements to sponsors. To streamline the fee payment process, contract reviewers at Western and Lawson will make efforts to negotiate the $1,000 ACC fee into the study startup fee when negotiating agreements with industry sponsors.

If funds are held at Western, Research Finance will invoice the sponsor for startup costs, including the ACC review fee and any additional ACC review costs in subsequent years. Research projects will be debited for the ACC review fee once the related invoice(s) is paid. If funds are held at Lawson, Western Research will invoice Lawson directly for the ACC fee.

The sponsor is expected to pay the ACC fee within 30 days of receipt of the invoice. The ACC retains the right to withhold an Approval Notice until the ACC fee is paid.


For more information, please contact Erika Basile, Director, Research Ethics & Compliance