Italian 1030: Italian for Beginners
Do you ever say ‘espresso’, ‘martini’, ‘cappuccino’, ‘al dente’, ‘pizza’, ‘bruschetta’, patio, ‘paparazzi’, ‘vendetta’, ‘stiletto’, adagio, ‘cantato’? Then you already know some Italian! And did you know that words such as ‘management’ and ‘bank’ derive from Italian? Join IT 1030, and have fun learning in class and online the language of Dante, Fellini, Bocelli, Pavarotti, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Prada, Versace and the famous bankers from Florence, the Medici family!

Fall/Winter Italian 1030 Instructor: Y. Sangalli (sections 201 & 204); P. Pirani (sections 202 & 203)

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Italian 2200: Intermediate Italian
Do you already have a basic proficiency in Italian language? Would you like to keep feeding your passion for all things Italian? This is your course. Taught by native speakers, the course is designed to help you improve your vocabulary and develop your conversational and written skills using a variety of authentic materials, such as websites, songs, short stories, and films. Through these materials you will be constantly immersed in the language and culture of Italy, in class and online!

Fall/Winter Italian 2200

Coordinator for both sections: L. Pocci 
L. Pocci (section 200);
D. Johnston(section 201)


Italian 2241F: Italian Popular Films (cross listed with CLC 2133A and Film 2192F)
In this course you will examine the genre history, ideological implications, and cultural anxieties expressed by a selection of different Italian film genres. Popular films will introduce you to the most successful and exported genres of Italian Cinema: come and learn about Spaghetti Western, Comedy "Italian Style", the Poliziesco, the Giallo Thriller, and the Italian Horror film! Course Poster

Fall 2018 Italian 2241F Instructor: Y. Sangalli Syllabus

Italian 2242G: Rome: The Eternal City (cross listed with CLC 2131G)
Come learn to trace the past in the city's contemporary urban landscape and daily life from a cross discipline perspective! On our virtual journey we will explore artistic masterpieces, and architectural must sees, we will view cinematic representations of the city, and we will take virtual tours of the Vatican's main museums. Along the way we will read accounts, chronicles, and verses written by citizens, and amazed travellers, from Belli to Pasolini, and from Goethe to Stendhal. All roads lead to Rome!

Winter 2019 Italian 2242G Instructor: L. Pocci Syllabus

Italian 2500F: Bridging Classroom and Community: Languages and Culture in Action (cross listed with ICC/German/spanish/CLC 2500F)
Would you like to acquire lifelong competences that will allow you to build (self)-cultural awareness and interact meaningfully with other cultures in today's globalized world? Then Bridging Classroom and Community is your course! We will explore issues of identity, memory, immigration, prejudice, stereotype, and intercultural dialogue, while building a connection with our own London community, and its wealth of languages and cultures via collaborative projects between students and members of this community.

Fall 2018 Italian 2500F Instructor: A. Borchert Syllabus

Italian 3300: Advanced Italian
Do you want to become better acquainted with a more sophisticated use of the Italian language? In Advanced Italian we will expand and consolidate your ability to comprehend Italian in a variety of social situations and refine your understanding and appreciation of both the history and the contemporary culture of Italy.

Fall/Winter Italian 3300 Instructor: L. Pocci Syllabus

Italian 4500G: Senior Research Project (cross listed with Spanish/CLC/German 4500G)
In this capstone course, students develop their own research project with a specific historical or geographical perspective centred on a designated general theme. Students work in conjunction with peers and professors and choose their own medium of presentation ranging from the traditional to the experimental.

Winter 2019 Italian 4500G Instructor: V. Wolff Syllabus

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