Debbie Laliberte Rudman, PhD

Debbie Rudman

School of Occupational Therapy

Room 2537, Elborn College
519 661-2111 x88965

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  • PhD (Toronto)
  • MSc (Western)
  • BScOT (Toronto)

Academic Appointments

  • Adjunct appointments
    • University of North Carolina
    • University Cape Town, South Africa
    • Dalhousie University

Supervising Graduate Students

  • Yes

Research Interests

  • Contemporary structuring and negotiation of retirement and later life work
  • Critical social theory and occupational science
  • Critical gerontology
  • Shaping of occupation in later life, and interconnections between occupation, identity, participation, and well-being
  • Negotiation of chronic disability (e.g. low vision) and other transitions (e.g. migration) in later life
  • Disparities in occupational possibilities created through socio-political conditions and forces (e.g. post-secondary education and First Nations youth; employment, unemployment and ‘at risk’ collectives)

Additional Information

Featured Publications/Projects

  • Laliberte Rudman, D. (2014, October). Embracing and enacting an occupational imagination: Occupational science as transformative. Journal of Occupational Science, 21(4), 373-388.
  • Laliberte Rudman, D. (2013). Enacting the critical potential of occupational science: Problematizing the individualizing of occupation. Journal of Occupational Science, 20(4), 298-313.
  • On-going project – Possibilities and boundaries in the socio-political shaping of long-term unemployment,
  • Laliberte Rudman, D. (2015, August). Embodying positive aging and neoliberal rationality: Talking about the aging body within narratives of retirement. Journal of Aging Studies, 34(1), 10-20.

Recent Publications

  • Laliberte Rudman, D. & Aldrich, A. (2017). Discerning the social in individual stories of occupation through critical narrative inquiry. Journal of Occupational Science, 24(4), 470-481.
  • Grenier, A., Phillipson, C., Laliberte Rudman, D., Hatzifilalithis, S., Kobayashi, K & Marier, P. (2017, December). Precarity in late life: Understanding new forms of risk and insecurity. Journal of Aging Studies, 43, p. 9-14.
  • Fanelli, C., Laliberte Rudman, D. , & Aldrich, R. M. (2017, August). Precarity in the Nonprofit Employment Services Sector. Canadian Review of Sociology/Revue canadienne de sociologie, 54(3), 331-352.
  • Farias, L., Laliberte Rudman, D., Magalhães, L., & Gastaldo, D. (2017, June). Reclaiming the Potential of Transformative Scholarship to Enable Social Justice. International Journal of Qualitative Methods, 16(1), 1609406917714161.
  • Aldrich, R. M., Laliberte Rudman, D., & Dickie, V. A. (May/June, 2017). Resource seeking as occupation: A critical and empirical exploration. American Journal of Occupational Therapy, 71(3), 7103260010p1-7103260010p9.
  • Laliberte Rudman, D., Aldrich, R.M., Grundy, J., Stone, M., Huot, S., Aslam, A. (2017). “You got to make the numbers work”: Negotiating managerial reforms in the provision of employment support service. Alternate Routes: A journal of critical social inquiry, 28, 47-79.
  • Harris, K., Krygsman, S., Waschenko, J. & Laliberte Rudman, D. (2017). Ageism and the older worker: A scoping review. The Gerontologist, 0(0), 1-14. Doi:10.1093/geront/gnw194.
  • Hand, C., Huot, S., Laliberte Rudman, D. & Wijekoon, S. (2017). Qualitative-geospatial methods of exploring person-place transactions in aging adults: A scoping review. The Gerontologist, 0(0), 1-12. Doi:10.1093/geront/gnw130.
  • Laliberte Rudman, D. (2017). The duty to age well: Critical reflections on occupational possibilities shaped through discursive and policy responses to population aging. In N. Pollard & D. Sakellariou (eds.). Occupational Therapy without Borders: Integrating justice with practice (2nd edition) (pp.319-327). Edinburgh: Elsevier.
  • Laliberte Rudman, D., Gold, D., McGrath, C., Zuvela, B., Spafford, M., & Renwick, R. (2016). “Why would I want to go out?”: The process of negotiating social participation amongst Canadian older adults with age-related vision loss. Canadian Journal on Aging, 35(4), 465-478.
  • Laliberte Rudman, D. & Aldrich, R. (2016). ‘Activated, but stuck’: Applying a critical occupational lens to examine the negotiation of long-term unemployment in contemporary socio-political contexts, Societies, 6 (28), 1-17
  • Farias, L.V. & Laliberte Rudman, D. & Maghalaes, L. (2016). Ilustrating the importance of critical epistemology to realize the promise of occupational justice. OTJR: Occupation, Participation and Health, 36(4), 234-243.
  • McGrath, C., Laliberte Rudman, D., Polgar, J., Spafford, M., & Trentham, B. (2016). Negotiating ‘positive’ aging in the presence of age-related vision loss (ARVL): The shaping and perpetuation of disability. Journal of Aging Studies, 39, 1-10.
  • Laliberte Rudman, D., Egan, M., McGrath, C., Gardner, P., King, J. & Ceci, C. (2016). Low vision rehabilitation, age-related vision loss and risk: A critical interpretive synthesis. The Gerontologist. doi: 10.1093/geront/gnv685.
  • Grundy, J. + & Laliberte Rudman, D. (2016, Early View, April). Deciphering deservedness: Canadian Employment Insurance reforms in historical perspective. Social Policy & Administration.doi:10.1111/spol.12230.
  • Aldrich, R., & Laliberte Rudman, D. (2016). Situational Analysis: A Visual Analytic Approach that Unpacks the Complexity of Occupation. Journal of Occupational Science, 23(1), 51-66.
  • Farias, L.& Laliberte Rudman, D. (2016). A critical interpretive synthesis of the uptake of critical perspectives in occupational science. Journal of Occupational Science 23(1), 33-50.
  • Laliberte Rudman, D. (2016). Risk, retirement and the ‘duty to age well’: Shaping productive aging citizens in Canadian newsprint media. In Polzer, J. and Power, E. (Eds.), Neoliberal Governance and Health: Duties, risks and vulnerabilities (pp.108-131). McGill-Queens University Press.

Research Affiliations

  • Critical Studies in Occupational Science Laboratory
  • Affiliate member appointment, Women’s Studies and Feminist Research, Western University
  • Associate member appointment, Department of Public Health Sciences, University of Toronto
  • Associate Scientist, Lawson Health Research Institute, London Health Sciences Centre and St. Joseph’s Health Care, London, Ontario
  • Associate Member, Gilbrea Centre for Aging, McMaster University, 2013-present
  • Research Fellow, Critical Qualitative Health Research Centre, University of Toronto, 2013-present

Teaching Areas

  • Qualitative Methodologies
  • Scholarly Practice in Occupational Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy


  • Occupational Science Europe, Keynote for the OSE Conference, Hildesheim, Germany, September, 2017.
  • University of Sao Paulo, Rebeirao Preto Medical School, Keynote for the11th Occupational Therapy Symposium, May, 2017.
  • University of Madison-Wisconsin, School of Occupational Therapy, Caroline Thompson Memorial lecture, September, 2016.
  • Université Laval. Programme d’ergothérapie, Nicole Ebacher Memorial lecture, May, 2016.
  • Hogeschool van Amderstam, The Netherlands, Professional in the lead (lazing ergotherapie) lectureship, February, 2014.
  • Society for the Study of Occupation: USA, Ruth Zemke Lectureship, October, 2013.
  • Canadian Society of Occupational Scientists, Townsend and Polatajko Lectureship, May, 2012.
  • University of North Carolina, Division of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy, Mitchell Symposium in Occupational Science, February, 2012.