Achieving Excellence

Through the Transformative Power of Occupation

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Western's School of Occupational Therapy’s Strategic Plan 2018-2023, Achieving Excellence Through the Transformative Power of Occupation, elucidates our commitment and belief in harnessing the transformative power of occupation. This plan signals our determination to strengthen our School’s national and international reputation, and recruit the best and brightest students, faculty and staff to enable our School to continue to be a leader on the world stage.

Our Vision

To educate practitioners who are innovative global leaders in occupation, health and well-being, value social inclusion, challenge inequities, and promote social transformation through occupation to improve the lives of individuals, families, and communities.

To push the boundaries of occupational therapy and occupational science to generate and enact transformational scholarship that benefits society and improves lives from local to international levels.

Our Mission

Through a commitment to health and well-being, social inclusion, and social justice, we engage in teaching, research and learning relevant to occupation that advances the profession, prepares individuals for current and future practice, and creates positive change locally, nationally and internationally.

Our Values

As a school, we seek to foster our values among our faculty and staff, instill them in our students, and enact them with our clinical and community partners.

We believe:

  • Occupation is a human right
  • Diversity is a strength
  • Social transformation is achievable
  • Working collaboratively fosters inclusive synergistic environments
  • Experiential learning enhances student engagement and promotes creativity and innovation