Angie Mandich, PhD

Angie Mandich

Director and Associate Professor
School of Occupational Therapy 

Elborn College 2555B
519 661-2111 x86291


  • BScOT, MSc, PhD (Western University)

Supervising Graduate Students

  • Yes

Research Interests

  • Exploring meaning in occupation and activity
  • Investigating motor learning and motor skill acquisition in children with Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD)
  • Development and testing of cognitive intervention
  • Cognitive orientation to occupational performance for children with DCD
  • Client-centred care
  • Spirituality
  • Understanding occupational engagement and participation in children

Additional Information

Recent Publications

  • Wilson J, Mandich A & Magalhães L. (2015). Concept Mapping A Dynamic, Individualized and Qualitative Method for Eliciting Meaning. Qualitative Health Research, DOI 1049732315616623.
  • Patton I, Overend T, Mandich A & Miller L. (2014). The Daily Physical Activity program in Ontario elementary schools: Perceptions of students in grades 4-8. Physical and Health Education Journal, 80(2), 12-17.
  • Martini R, Mandich A, Green D. (2014) Implementing a modified CO-OP approach for use in a group format: Report on two experiences. British Journal of Occupational Therapy. 77 (4): 214-219.
  • Mandich A, Wilson, J & Gain K. (2015). Cognitive Intervention for Children. IN Case-Smith, J. & O’Brien, J. (Eds.), Occupational Therapy for Children, 7th Ed. Location: Elsevier.

Research Affiliations

  • Kids' Skills Clinic

Teaching Areas

  • Child and Youth Health
  • Foundations of Occupational Therapy and Occupational Science
  • Leadership