Autism Spectrum & Language Disorders LabWestern Health Sciences

Current Studies

  1. Using event related brain potentials (ERP) to examine maturation of auditory processing in the cortex and how it relates to typical and atypical language development in preschool and school-aged children (Elaine Kwok, Joanna Sinos). This work is supported by NSERC.

  2. Examining cortical oscillatory activity and its relation to auditory and cognitive functions in children, with Elaine Kwok and Drs. Brian Allman, Prudence Allen, and Bjorn Herrmann. This work is supported by the Ontario Research Fund and NSERC.

  3. Improving spoken language outcome monitoring in Ontario's Preschool Speech and Language and Infant Hearing Programs (BJ Cunningham, Olivia Daub, Elaine Kwok, Joanna Sinos). This work is funded by the Ontario Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services.

  4. Using psycho-behavioural computer tasks to examine auditory processing and speed of information processing in young school-aged children with typical development and language disorders (Rachael Smyth). This work is supported by NSERC.

  5. Examining the impact of play-based, parent-coaching interventions on communication outcomes in children with ASD (Amanda Binns).

  6. Examining children's responses to altered auditory feedback and its relation to language development, in collaboration with Dr. David Purcell and Caitlin Coughler. This work is funded by NSERC.

  7. Investigating the relationship between language, reading, and math skills in children through a large scale epidemiological study of young students in London-Middlesex County, with Dr. Lisa Archibald (PI), and co-investigators Drs. Marc Joanisse and Daniel Ansari at Western. This work is supported by NSERC.