Autism Spectrum & Language Disorders LabWestern Health Sciences

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*Please note that Dr. Cardy is not recruiting any additional students for the 2019-2020 academic year. Inquiries are welcome for graduate students interested in admission for 2020-2021 or beyond.


Graduate students supervised by Dr. Cardy complete their degrees through the graduate program in Health and Rehabilitation Science (MSc, PhD, MClSc/PhD) or the Neuroscience program (MSc, PhD). Further information about these programs can be found on Western's HRS program and Neuroscience program websites.

Students interested in completing a MSc, PhD, or MClSc/PhD in the ASLD lab should contact Dr. Cardy to discuss their suitability. Ideal candidates include those with:

  1. Prior research experience
  2. A strong academic record
  3. A background in child development, language/linguistics, neurodevelopmental disorders, and/or neuroscience.

Students contacting Dr. Cardy should include:

  1. A resume
  2. A summary of their prior coursework and grades
  3. A description of their prior research experience and current research interests.


Students interested in pursuing clinical studies in speech-language pathology or audiology should apply to the MClSc program in Speech-Language Pathology or Audiology. Further information can be found on Western's Communication Sciences and Disorders website or by visiting the Ontario Rehabilitation Sciences Program Application Service (ORPAS) website.

Prospective undergraduate students include those who are:

- Enrolled in Western's work-study program
- Enrolled in the Scholars Electives Program
- Wishing to complete a fourth-year honours thesis in psychology
- Wishing to complete a fourth-year independent study in the School of Health Studies