Yield Engineering YES-3TA HDMS Oven

For maximum adhesion of photoresist, the wafer surface must be completely free of moisture. The quality of the photoresist adhesion sets the stage for all that follows.
Vapor Priming allows the application of HMDS (hexamethyldisilzane) in a monolayer. Contamination issues are reduced by exposing the wafers to HMDS vapor rather than liquid. The reduction of liquid required for a vapor deposition vs. the liquid application of spin priming reduces costs.

• Vacuum Bake/Vapor Prime processing provides improved line uniformity after etch due to the uniformity of the resist adhesion.
• One step, easy to use, pre-programmable environment provides ultimate photoresist adhesion for wafers up to 300mm.
• Oven also can be used for the low temperature priming of Gallium Arsenide, Lithium Niobate and other exotic materials.
• Filtration mechanisms and surge suppression systems eliminate introduction of particulates into the oven from system sources and limit turbulence and subsequent redistribution of particles introduced into the oven with each load of wafers.