Zeiss Axioskop2 MAT microscope

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• incident and transmitted light microscope
• structure, particle and surface analysis
• 50x to 1000x magnification
• brightfield, darkfield, differential interference contrast, microinterferometry (TIC) measurements
• reflected light objectives capture clear, bright images
• 3200 K colour temperature adjustment for colour fidelity and precise imaging

QImaging Retiga 1300 CCD Digital Camera
• features enhanced visible quantum efficiency resulting in high sensitivity, ideal for demanding low light and fluorescence imaging applications
• progressive scan interline CCD sensor gives a resolution of 1.3 million pixels in a 12-bit digital output
• high-speed low-noise electronics provide linear digital data for rapid image capture
• Firewire IEEE1394 digital interface allows ease of use and installation with a single wire requiring no framegrabber or external power supply
• includes QCapture Suite software for real time image preview and capture and save
• QCapture offers advanced functions such as binning and region of interest (ROI) and a live histogram for optimizing dynamic range.