LEO (Zeiss) 1540XB FIB/SEM
• The FIB is used for micromachining by sputter milling.
• Milling can be monitored in real time at high resolution with the electron column.
• When combined with the appropriate gas precursor, material deposition and enhanced or selective etching can be achieved with sub-100nm resolution.
• As an analytical tool, the FIB is used for in-situ sectioning of samples which are imaged by SEM.
• In addition, the system is fitted with an Oxford Instruments x-ray system allowing for elemental mapping and analysis of the milled sections, again in-situ.
• For more sophisticated micromachining applications, the system is fitted with an NPGS lithography system.
• The system is fitted with a sample transfer airlock, allowing rapid sample changes without disrupting the high vacuum of main chamber.
• The 6-axis stage accepts a variety of sample shapes and sizes, including the standard 8-stub holder.
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TEM sample
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Low Voltage SEM imaging