KSV 3000 Langmuir-Blodgett Trough

Capable of the study of area-pressure isotherms at various temperatures and deposition of LB mono and multilayers with a film lift.
• Amphiphilic molecules can be spirited at the air-water interface. Two movable barriers then compress the molecules located at the air-water interface from a gas analogous phase, along a liquid analogous phase, to a solid analogous phase. Knowing the amount of spirited molecules gives the information of the area per molecule present on the surface.
• The transfer of monolayers from the air-water interface onto a substrate is easily accomplished by dipping the substrate slowly with the help of a film lift through the monolayer at the air-water interface.
• Typically with every stroke 2 monolayers are transferred. In the transfer mode the trough controls, with the help of the two barriers, the lateral pressure to assure the monolayers stays in the chosen phase.