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Construction set to begin on new research building

December 17, 2015

University planners hope a new campus facility will provide researchers across varied disciplines an environment conducive to confronting the ...

London's newest (academic) supergroup

November 25, 2015

For the record, the new partnership — formerly called Musical Learning Across the Lifespan (MLAL) — is more about brain development ...

IBM Canada invests $65 million for innovative collaborations

November 25, 2015

A $65-miillion investment from IBM Canada will enable innovative industry-academic collaborations at Western University and 13 partner institutions.

Calling for a truce in the classroom math wars

November 06, 2015

For years, Canadian parents and educators have engaged in passionate debate over how kids learn math. The math wars, especially contentious in ...

Silence on science degrades Canada

October 09, 2015

At the same time, Canada is falling behind in many international comparisons of research productivity and innovation.

Announcements, Imaging methods

Menon earns elite citation from imaging group

June 01, 2015

Cognition and behaviour, Imaging methods, Motivation , emotion and arousal, Development and aging

Western University scientists say dynamic views of the brain may improve treatment of mental illness

May 24, 2015

Brain patterns are in continual flux from day to day, person to person and even within the same person, our craniums not nearly as hard-wired as ...

Motivation , emotion and arousal, Cognition and behaviour, Development and aging, Imaging methods

Rethinking traffic flow in the brain

May 18, 2015

His findings say traffic flow is as variable on city roads as the activity in human brains. The flow of traffic (or information) varies depending ...


Western adds two new CRC chairs, three more renewed

April 09, 2015

Already recognized as one of the world’s top centres for cognitive neuroscience and imaging research, Western’s Brain & Mind ...


Bartha awarded Alzheimer Foundation grant

March 10, 2015

His project, Metabolic and Functional Brain State: New Indicators of Early Alzheimer’s Disease, looks to develop a sensitive test for early ...

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